Boston Neighborhood Moving Guide

Which boston neighborhood do you vibe with?

Calling all Boston newcomers! What Boston Neighborhood Best Fits Your Vibe?

Whether you’re a recent college graduate looking to start a career or a young, working professional, you have come to the right place. Boston is the best place to live (Yes I said it. Best…Place…To Live.) and we are excited for you to kick off a great start to your future. But before you get too excited, do you know which Boston neighborhood you’ll reside in?

Moving into an apartment or condo of your own can be a challenging next chapter of your life, especially when it comes to the city of Boston. For being a relatively small and close-knit city, the various neighborhoods are so diverse, it’s hard to choose. 

You’ve done your research, you’ve looked at a few places with friends, but you just can’t figure out where you fit in the best. Let us give you some insight! We’ve been in your shoes before. 

Photo of two people carrying boxes to move to Boston


Let’s start off with what NO ONE seems to want to talk about. Price.

Boston definitely isn’t cheap, but neither are most popular cities. The cost of living has been rising over the past years and still is to this day. According to the 2019 Trustee’s Report, COLA (cost of living adjustments,) are going to increase by 2.6% yearly over the next 5 years. 

Data states that an average Bostonian needs to triple the median salary of $40,000 in order to live comfortably after paying for housing expenditures which account for almost 40% of yearly income. NYC, on the other hand, needs a whopping $150,000 in yearly income in order to live comfortably. On average, Boston residents are paying $1,486 for a studio, $1,696 for a one bedroom and $2,103 for a two bedroom apartment, where NYC is paying an average of $400 more for the same living space (maybe even smaller). 

The second highest factor in your yearly spending is transportation. Luckily here in Boston we have a phenomenal system of transportation so you don’t need to spend crazy money on parking and gas. A monthly pass for the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) is about $84, which is cheap compared to say NYC, who charges an average of $116. 

Public transportation can be a difficult thing to get used to, but after you get the hang of it, it’s all worth it. Think about all those countless hours sitting in life-sucking traffic!

Photo of a man riding Boston transportation in Boston Neighborhood

As for crime, Boston is a relatively safe place compared to other metro areas. Realistically, there are always safe and dangerous parts to a city so finding a neighborhood that fits your comfort is super important. Regardless of where you’re living in Boston, always remember to take safety precautions and never walk alone at night!

Basically, all in all, Boston isn’t as bad as people make it out to be.

Next, let’s talk about the fun part, Boston neighborhoods.

South Boston

Also known as “Southie,” South Boston has seen a massive influx of young professionals and young families over the years. This beautiful waterfront neighborhood is perfect you if you love that fresh sea breeze, fun Irish pubs and infamous annual parades. 

South Boston has easy access to some of the best areas in the city, including the Seaport, the Financial District and most importantly, quiet waterfront parks perfect for a relaxing day. On top of what South Boston stands for, many people move here for the vibrant nightlife and trendy brunch spots.

Now what about the logistics? 

Cost: The cost of living in South Boston is not much different than other Boston areas. You will see an average of $1,268 for monthly rent per person, but in my opinion, it’s worth the price. 

Fun Fact: Did you know Castle Island, part of South Boston, is ranked number 30 in the top 365 things to do in Boston? This is a great place for a nice stroll or a picnic with an incredible view. I heard Sullivan’s at Castle Island has some of the best fried clams and ice cream too!

Jamaica Plain

If you’re looking for a friendly neighborhood in Boston with tons of green space and a booming LGBTQ community, Jamaica Plain is here for you. This neighborhood is filled with local coffee shops and delicious ethic food that’s been around for years! 

Jamaica Plain is home to the largest park in Boston, known as Franklin Park. Here you can enjoy the outdoors in the summer, walk down to Jamaica Pond and get away from the city vibe for a couple of hours. Jamaica Plain is where you want to settle if you desire the excitement of the city, but a small community within. 

Cost of living: $1,289 for monthly rent.

Fun Fact: Did you say vegan chocolate tour? Jamaica Plain hosts a “chocolate adventure” throughout it’s historic streets every Saturday. What a tasty trip!

North End

photo of Boston's North End

Welcome to Little Italy.

Pasta, pastries and pizza are at every single square foot here in the North End. This beautifully cultured area is located right by the water and the old brick apartments give a sense of history. Because of it’s high cost of living, most of the people you find here are big finance guys, professional sports players or of course, those Italians who have never left.

Cost of Living: Above the national average, $2,247 for monthly rent.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is probably what you’re thinking of when you envision Boston as beautiful brick houses across vined cobblestone. If you’re moving to Boston and want to be surrounded with charming boutiques, various entertainment, trendy cafes and picturesque views from every angle, Beacon Hill is where you want to be. 

Beautiful photo of Beacon Hill's famous Acorn Street

This area is the jackpot for young professionals considering it also has the best bars and restaurants in town. Aside from it’s beauty and fun environment, Beacon Hill has a rich history which makes it quite pricey. But in this case, the beauty is worth the price. Beacon Hill will never bore you, especially with it’s easy access to Boston Common and Downtown Boston. 

Cost of living: Average of $1,545 for monthly rent.

Fun Fact: Did you know Acorn Street, located in the midst of Beacon Hill is the most photographed street in the United States? Now that’s cool!

Fenway-Kenmore – Play ball!

If you’re a big sports fan (go Red Sox) look no further. Living in Fenway you will be in the center of the excitement on game nights! Full of the greatest sports bars, restaurants, museums and shops, you have an unlimited variety of places to hang out. 

Artsy photo of the Fenway Park entrance on the Red Sox game day

Fenway is the place to be if you’re die-hard spirited and don’t mind the loud noises of traffic and rowdy fans. The average age of residents in this neighborhood is 22, which may not be settling for young families moving to Boston considering the influx of college students. 

Cost of living: Average of $1,475/mo per person.

Fun fact: Fenway, located in Suffolk County is considered one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. 

East Cambridge

Seeking a hip and friendly living area close enough to Downtown Boston? East Cambridge is a beautiful neighborhood located right on the Charles River perfect for activities like kayaking, rollerblading and biking! Cambridge is full of some of the best public schools which is key for young families planning on moving to Boston. The urban feel of this neighborhood gives residents a sense of home and they tend to stay here for a while. 

Summer shot of water activities in Boston's Charles River

Living in East Cambridge comes with lots of benefits including an easy walk to the CambridgeSide Galleria Mall, bike paths along the Charles River, trendy bars and restaurants with great music, fresh seafood markets and more! If you’re an artsy, young professional, you will love it here. 

Cost of Living: Average of $1,396/mo per person.

Fun Fact: The Loyal Nine located on Cambridge St is a quaint coffee shop and restaurant that has a pup-friendly outdoor patio! Grab your furry friends and enjoy their popular lattes out in the sun. 

Now that you have the inside scoop of some of Boston’s best neighborhoods, do you know which one best suits you and your expectations? Wherever you live, I can assure you, you will be happy. Boston will make you feel at home no matter what neighborhood you choose. Happy moving!

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