Biggest Challenges Real Estate Agents Face & How To Fix Them

Lost leads

There is an abundance of people viewing your site, but there is no way to follow up with them about properties. 

Although your site may be getting phenomenal traffic, people just aren’t pursuing with the lead form, leaving them hidden from the company. Only a small percentage of visitors fill out their information to get in touch with a real estate agent and it is costing you potential clients.

How do we solve this?

The solution is SharpSpring.

account for lost leads on this sales pipeline with in SharpSpring's marketing automation and CRM dashboard

SharpSpring is a cloud-based marketing automation platform that…well, basically it just makes your life a whole lot easier. Whether its campaign management, social media management, customer personalization or monitoring sales and leads, SharpSpring allows you to automate repetitive tasks effectively and efficiently. 

How does SharpSpring CRM work?

SharpSpring has a powerful and flexible built-in CRM which will keep you entirely organized. CRM allows you to sync leads, opportunities, lead scores and much more by tracking the lifespan of each individual lead to ensure where your success lies. SharpSpring CRM also notifies you right when a lead returns to your site. You can set up notifications with these important leads so you receive an email or text when they come back. Now, using this easy platform, you will never miss a lead that could turn into a potential sale!

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Client uncertainty

Whether your client is being unrealistic about price, having second thoughts about the neighborhood, or is emotional about the whole process, there are ways to get through this obstacle together.


How do we solve this?

Make sure to gain thorough knowledge on the home condition and gather facts about its worth. If you want your client to trust you, be completely prepared with statistics and real numbers before arriving at the showing. This particularly shows the client you are professional and know what you’re doing. 

Your job is to create an exciting and effortless process for the client, so he/she can find a new home with ease. Know your neighborhood inside and out in order to properly provide them with desirable traits about the community. Figuring out where they want to live is the most stressful and difficult task for the client, especially if they’re new to the area. 

In order to avoid client uncertainty about the area, one idea is to create a Google Form where they can fill out what they’re looking for. As soon as a lead comes through, instantly reach out with a link to the form asking about certain specifics that will give you a better understanding of who you are working with. Then, include a neighborhood section where they can pinpoint a few areas on a map where they feel most comfortable living. This will enable you to eliminate listings based off of they’re unique goals. This shows that you’re locked into what they are really looking for and passionate about finding them a place. No more wasting time and energy.

In order to create a better on-boarding, start by asking your buyer to fill out a form that includes questions that they want answers to.

Here are some “do and don’t” examples for your client forms





The most important thing to remember is to be understanding, personable and completely transparent throughout the whole process. You want to build up your client’s confidence with their potential new home by reiterating the positive impact it will have on their life. 


Popular listing portals such as Zillow and have gotten in the way of real estate agents, but they haven’t completely stolen the spotlight. Don’t be discouraged if you are a small real estate agency, even large brokerages struggle with the same thing. There are a few tips and tricks you’re able to perform to stand out from competitors and get back in the game. 

How do we solve this?

Become a local expert and prove it! If you are one of those smaller agencies, create a neighborhood specific website tailored to your target audience. Here you can promote blogs about the neighborhood, fun things to do in the area and advice on settling in. This will grab referrals more often than one would come from seeing an ad. 


With your existing website, check out how your listing search works. You want to stray away from address-only search and transform it into filter-based. This allows site viewers to filter out their search by neighborhood, price, number of bedrooms/bathrooms and desired amenities. Future clients will now have a more narrow search based off of their needs. 

Start using the right keywords and more SEO elements in your content and web pages to boost more traffic. Again, SharpSpring can help you with recommended keywords to enrich your text for maximum SEO results. 

Handling your own business

It takes a lot of self discipline to be a real estate agent. You are making your own hours, following up with your own clients and marketing your own brand. The effort you decide to put in directly affects the result you will get in return. There are ways to stay motivated and also present in your friends and families lives after long weekend hours.

How do we solve this?

The best way to stay on top of your work is to create a prioritization system. Try to get all of your most important work out of the way in the beginning of the week and if possible, try to schedule a majority of tours during the work week. When it comes to weekends, don’t be afraid to hire someone to help with client visits. You can save time by providing house keys in the units lock boxes for an assistant to pick up before a showing.

Your motivation completely relies on the goals you set for yourself. Once you discover your passion within the industry, your dedication for putting in quality work will come to you organically.


Of course, just like any other business, real estate does have its challenges. But you should never be discouraged in an industry that is so rewarding! Let these challenges motivate you to strive for the best. Overcoming these obstacles is what makes you a successful agent!

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