Supercharging Social Media Tracking With SharpSpring

Are you doing social media marketing? Like, really doing social media marketing?

Posting is one thing. Analyzing impact is a whole other can of worms. Not knowing where to start can make social media analytics seem more like opening Pandora’s Box than creating valuable insight. 

Could look at each platform individually? Sure…

But, you’re piecemealing information instead of getting a holistic view of efforts. And that engagement is definitely not translated into your CRM. 

Simply put, you are unable to measure end-to-end ROI of your marketing efforts. 

Lets us introduce to your Sharpspring…

Social Media Tracking with SharpSpring

By integrating your social media and marketing automation / CRM you are able to empower marketers to do things that standalone social platforms just don’t allow. 

sharpspring social media lead score

Social Engagement Increasing Lead Score

You’ve heard of Lead Score, right? SharpSpring’s lead score is basically a rating or score of a lead’s engagement. You can better identify hot prospects, and focus your efforts on people interacting with you online (and sometimes offline too). 

With full integration of social media engagement with the marketing automation and CRM, you can equate social interactions to an increase in Lead Score. You can associate a numerical value to likes, shares, comments, and follows on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn that come from leads you are nurturing.

Imagine you’re a Commercial P&C Insurance Producer, and you’ve been working for months on getting a business to sign on to your brokerage. The lead has kind of cooled down and has fallen off of your top priorities in your pipeline. One day, this lead shares one of your LinkedIn posts. Because they shared your post, they’ve increased their Lead Score, and they’re back in your pipeline. You can start a convo about them sharing your post and the value they got from reading it. Way better of a follow up, than just “following up here”. 

Recording these interactions can be so beneficial to finding where to focus your sales efforts. 

Tie Social Media Posts to Campaigns

A HUGE aspect of SharpSpring is the end-to-end tracking of engagement for campaigns. You can literally see how all of your marketing efforts move towards a common goal. SharpSpring gives you the power to associate social posts with an active campaign. Utilizing the posting calendar you can associate a social post with a campaign in about 2 clicks. Through UTM parameters generated in SharpSpring, when a lead clicks on a social post they will be added to the campaign you selected when posting. 

This will help show you the true impact of your social media to your business. 

Personalize Your Social Media Nurturing Outreach With Automation

What do you do when someone interacts with you on social media? If you’re only using the platforms themselves, the answer is “probably not much”. With SharpSpring however, there are (almost) countless ways that you can leverage automation in your Social Media Marketing to nurture leads. 

  • You can create triggers and filters that create automation actions from social interactions like likes, comments, tags, retweets, replies, and mentions across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 
  • You can send the sales team member that is the lead owner a notification that their lead has interacted. 
  • An automation can be setup to assign a contact owner based on an interaction.
    Segmentation can be applied based on the platform of engagement.
    Lead status can be changed to identify the engagement as a sales trigger.
    People interacting with your posts can be paired with a persona for dynamic content triggers. 

These are just some of the things you can do with Marketing Automation and Social Media. You can also deploy all of these as well; 

There are so many applications for this tool to change your business. Its unrealistic to ask your sales team to stay on top of every single person that has ever shown an interest in your business. It’s the job of the owner or Sales Manager to put the sales team in the best position to close the hottest leads, and nurture the ones in the middle. Help them focus on who’s interacting with your business. Close the loop on your social media and give them better insight into off site interactions like the ones we’ve talked about.

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