How to Curate Content for Social Media and Real Estate

To create, or curate, that is the question…or is it?

Whether you own an agency or work solo as an agent, learning how to curate content for social media and real estate should be at the top of your marketing to-do list. It’s one of the best ways to uncover leads, boost engagement, and grow your business.

And the best part?

It frees up valuable resources you can dedicate to other branches of your business, maximizing its growth potential.

Stay tuned for Curated Content 101, where we show you how to curate content for social media the same way the pros do.

What Is Curated Content?

Curated content is amassed material gathered from a variety of sources with the intent of adding value, generating buzz, and boosting engagement within a brand.

Consider this example. A real estate agent might share a blog on DIY home improvements geared towards sellers seeking top dollar for their homes. Their content manager writes the piece themselves and includes a few pictures from her own DIY projects. This is traditional created content.

The same real estate agent then shares a video showing viewers how to choose the best living room paint color. The agent did not shoot the video, nor did her content manager. Instead, a well-known paint company did. She includes a few of her own tips and suggestions in a blurb included with the video. This is curated content, as it was created from an outside source and adapted by a different brand.

Put simply, curated content is gathered while created content is made from scratch.

What Does Curated Content Do?

When sourced and shared correctly, curated content packs a mean punch. When brands understand curated content and how to share with intent, there are several benefits to enjoy.

First, curated content helps to develop connections and relationships on social media. Curated content keeps the conversation going and introduces new perspectives to social media followers. Over time, sourcing content for social media can spark deeper connections with fans that grow into financially prosperous relationships.

Curated content can also increase engagement and exposure by linking a smaller brand to a larger and better-known brand. Such content also helps boost a brand’s online authority. One survey found that 85% of people use curated content to establish thought leadership.

Finally, because not all brands have the typing power to generate mass amounts of new content on a regular basis, adding curated content to a social media post calendar is a smart way to maximize resources and keep both engagement and exposure on the agenda.

Is Curated Content Just Filler Text?

For those in real estate who embrace curated content, the goals are always the same; create more visibility for their brand, pour a foundation their target audience will trust, and boost engagement with both new leads and past clientele.

Sounds simple enough. Share someone else’s work, impress all your fans, and rake in new revenue.

Except there’s a whole lot more to curated content than what meets the eye, which is why many brands who give curated content the old college try fail and abandon the process. What do most failed curated content campaigns have in common? Content shared with the sole purpose of filling white space.

Repeat after us. Curated content is NOT filler.

Curated content is all about intent. Before sharing a piece of curated content, ask yourself what the goal of the share is. Who should it connect with? What problem will it solve or what question will it force the reader to ask? If you’re not sure, do some more soul searching before clicking the share button.

Where to Look When Sourcing Content for Social Media

Where can real estate agents find content to share? While you can find relevant content just about anywhere online, not all are equal in value and potential. Here are some of our favorite spots to curate content.

Google alerts

Google Alerts notify you about newly uploaded content related to your specific search terms. As a realtor, you could set up a Google alert for mortgage rates, home selling tips, or local news to share with your immediate community.


Newsletters can provide a plethora of potential curated content. As a real estate agent, signing up for industry newsletters can help you stay on top of trends and breaking news. You can also sign up for another real estate agent’s newsletter for inspiration (don’t share their content though or you’ll deliver your followers straight to your competition).

Off the clock

Curated content can be sourced from just about anywhere. When you’re browsing online outside of work hours, always be on the lookout for potential content to curate. This includes when browsing Pinterest, reading the news, or liking your friend’s new family photo (Stunning bouquet in the background? Why not find a blog post about how to stage a home with fresh flowers?).

How to Curate Content for Social Media Like the Pros

Ready to start sharing curated content with your social media followers? If you’re a bit intimidated still, that’s understandable. Let our top three tips show you how easy sourcing content for social media as a real estate agent can be.

Organize your platforms

A curated content post for Facebook might not be as effective on LinkedIn. Look at demographics for different social media platforms and compare them to your industry.

For example, the average Facebook user is 40 years of age while over a third of Instagram users are between 25 and 34. Content that resonates with a younger Instagram crowd thinking of buying their first home might not engage Facebook users looking to purchase a second home.  

Decide who you are trying to attract on each platform and what they want to see from your page before posting.

Make it your own

Once you find a piece of content you want to share, spend some time making it your own.

Create a featured image to go with it, design an infographic, or link the curated content to your own on-site blogs. Always ask yourself what you want a piece of curated content to accomplish. Then embellish and brand it as needed to achieve your goal.

Never. Stop. Engaging.

Don’t share and run! Think of curated content as opening a door. Do so with the expectation that someone will walk in. Be ready. Be inviting. Engage every opportunity. As a real estate agent, you never know who your next client may be.

What to Avoid with Curated Content

Even if your intent is good, the following curated content mistakes can cost you in the end.

Posting without a purpose

We’ve mentioned it already, but it bears repeating; every bit of curated content you post should have a purpose. If shared blindly, it’s impossible to decide how to position and market a piece of curated content.

Repackaging content

Simply hitting the share button won’t be enough to engage with your readers. When you find a news story or infographic you want to share, find a way to put your brand’s stamp on it.

Stealing content

Always attribute original work when curating content. Credit its creator and provide links back to the original source. Failing to do so can damage your reputation and even open the door for litigation if you infringe on copyrights.

Curate or Create? It’s Up to You

As a digital marketing agency, we hear it a lot.

What should I post on social media?

Whether you decide to create all your own content or start curating content for your readers, the choice is ultimately yours. Knowing how to curate content for social media is a great tool for real estate agents, especially during a busy season.

Remember, content doesn’t always have to be original; it just has to be great.

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