NYB Creative Now Offers Programmatic Advertising – Simpli Fi Partnership

We can find your ideal client wherever they are on the internet. ANYWHERE.

We’re getting into programmatic advertising because the targeting is undeniable specific, and it’s one of the most cost-effective solutions for businesses available. 

Those “I feel like I was just talking about that” ads, that’s what we’re talking about here.

nyb creative partnership with Simpli.Fi for programmatic advertising

During the pandemic, we saw search volume take a hit on search engines like Google and Bing. For many of our city clients in Manhattan and Boston, there was a 15% drop in traffic from Paid Search Ads.

The Facebook ads platform was in constant flux. I follow some massive media buyers like @herrmanndigital on Twitter. There were widespread issues with the ads manager performance, spend and engagement consistency, and diminishing returns for advertisers and businesses.

We needed to seek a more consistent solution that was a step up, not a lateral move.

Why we’re excited about the partnership with Simpli.Fi!

Simpli.Fi offers us the ability to connect our clients with their ideal customers, wherever they are on the internet or connected world.

Unlike Google and Bing – intent-based search – we can find a target audience that isn’t searching for their brand or product offering directly.

We’re finding the person looking for homeowners insurance or a mortgage even if they’re not Googling homeowners insurance or local mortgage lender. 

Simpli.Fi offers a suite of targeting tactics, cross-channel capabilities, and an algorithm that takes incredibly underutilized unstructured data about users and puts it to work for your business.  

Ads that find and follow you around the internet are now at your fingertips.

programmatic ad examples


Programmatic Advertising for Insurance Brokerages

How do you insert your name into the conversation when people aren’t searching with intent?

B2C products like homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance have a straightforward paid acquisition campaign. But what happens when you’re trying to get in front of business owners with a more comprehensive product, with low search volume, like EPLI or cyber insurance?

We can place ads in front of business owners, with a staff of 25 – 100, reading articles online about employment law.

Programmatic Advertising for Finance Advisors

Some of the most visible financial advisors I have encountered have paid a small fortune for media placement to increase the visibility on media outlets like Forbes or Business Insider.

Simpli.Fi allows us to circumnavigate the arduous process around media buying through an individual provider. In addition, we can place your ads and content on specific sites that your ideal client is reading, even ones that were previously too expensive for your media buying budget.  

Imagine we take the list of leads or everyone that has been to your website and run a campaign that inserts your article on Making Your Money Work for You on the homepage of Forbes.

Programmatic Advertising For Real Estate Agents

Does foot traffic matter to you? Maybe you’re running an open house and want to see how many people saw your ads and then came to the open house. Through conversion zone targeting, we can trace the outline of your open house and acknowledge everyone that went to that location. And, if you’re a more prominent agency, we can target ALL of your open houses. 

With the proper research, we can target every open house in the county and build an audience to bring them all to you.

Wait, What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the buying and selling of digital ad inventory in real-time through an automated bidding system. This form of digital paid advertising allows agencies and businesses to purchase ad impressions on apps or publisher websites in real-time.

Programmatic advertising has the ability to find an audience throughout the internet and interact with them at multiple points of the buyer journey. There are so many tactics that allow us to find those audiences. Blending those tactics increases our chances of attracting that audience to your offering. 

Why Simpli. Fi?

understanding the data difference that Simpli.Fi offers.

Simple, the other 90% — unstructured data.

Most programmatic marketing platforms only have the ability to handle structured data, which makes up about 10% of the available information for advertisers.  

structured data example showcasing the limited amount of information that is available for other display marketing partners. This is why NYB Creative chose Simpli.Fi for a programmatic partnership

Tim signed up for a Yahoo Mail account, and when he did that, he put in his name, age, gender, etc., and that info is linked to an email, and the email is logged onto a phone.

That’s structured data. 

It’s clear and tied directly to a user.

Simpli.Fi has built a direct data network and a complete programmatic marketing platform for unstructured data, the other 90% of Big Data.

Unstructured includes email copy, tweets, electronic documents, videos, audio files, web pages, and all their associated metadata.

When programmatic marketing platforms can only use structured data, they sell pre-packaged audience segments and serve in bulk inventory. 

It’s essentially buying a list. If you’re in sales, you know firsthand that lists suck. That’s no different in marketing; lists aren’t good pre-packaged.

It lacks nuance. 

It creates wasted spending.

Instead, we are working on better efficiency and relevancy and creating better optimizations through deeper audience insights.

Simpli.Fi offers us the ability to find the audience that isn’t finding you, using unparalleled access to data and an algorithm that manages that data. 

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